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Image by Dylan Ferreira

Zoom Kits

How many times have you had trouble with audio and picture on Zoom calls? We offer Zoom packages that feature the latest and best tech to create an easy to setup and reliable Zoom stream for clients and directors without any desynchronization, with added witness cameras as an option. 

Our Zoom kits feature premium MacBook Pro Laptops in secure hard cases for portability on any set or location shoot. Have remote workers or clients? Give them a top quality stream with one of our Zoom kits.


Have you had audio "issues" with other Zoom kits on set? Unlike most Zoom techs, our kits can take either DIGITAL or ANALOG audio sources, guaranteeing that your clients and viewers will have clean reliable sound throughout the day.

Pair our Zoom kits with our Qtake video assist package and operator, and you can have great on set streaming to iPads, instantaneous playback or live video and audio, on demand. YOU control who sees and hears anything. No more awkward questions from clients when your camera and lighting team are lining up the shot.

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