Image by Dylan Ferreira

Zoom Kits

How many times have you had trouble with audio and picture on Zoom calls? We offer Zoom Kit packages that feature BlackMagic UltraStudio Recorders and USB Audio cards to create an easy to setup and reliable Zoom stream for clients and directors without any desynchronization, with added witness cameras as an option. 

The world’s smallest pocket sized SDI and HDMI video capture for your Thunderbolt 3 laptop or desktop computer! UltraStudio Recorder 3G features the highest quality 10 bit uncompressed and compressed video capture that’s compatible with all popular video software including DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and hundreds more!


Our Zoom kits feature premium 15 inch Macbooks in secure hard cases for portability on any set or location shoot. Have remote workers or clients? Give them a top quality stream with one of our Zoom kits.


Our kits include Behringer USB Audio Cards which allow you to connect audio devices straight to your computer. It accomplishes this by providing two analog mono Inputs and Outputs (for monitoring), USB connectivity and an additional S/PDIF optical output. The stereo headphone output features a dedicated level control and lets you listen to both the input and output.