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QTake Streaming

QTake Monitor (Local / Remote)

Already the most advanced video assist system available, QTake has offered video streaming from its workstations for nearly a decade. This system is the most versatile option available for offering high quality, low latency, local and remote internet-based streaming. 


Keep streaming simple with the free, powerful, but easy-to-use iOS app QTake Monitor, which allows monitoring of up to 4 feeds, including VFX lineups and other effects generated by the Qtake Video Assist operator. 

High quality image (adjustable and reliable up to full HD)

- Low latency (about 2 frames delay)

- Advanced viewing options, including user colour correction, pinch to zoom, frame grabs, and more

- Watermarking available at no extra cost, and can be used on a per-user basis

- Access and permissions can be managed by the Qtake operator

Teradek Bond Backpack

All in One professional streaming solution (Local / Remote)

The Teradek Bond Backpack is an all in one professional HEVC/H.264 streaming solution for broadcasters seeking the best in signal reception and video quality.


Wireless reception for Teradek Node modems is greatly enhanced with two high gain antennas attached to the interior of the backpack. Each backpack supports up to 5 USB or Teradek Node modems, ensuring you have connectivity wherever you go. 

At the heart of Bond is Cube, a High-Profile H.264 and H.265 encoder that supports bit rates up to 30Mbps and a boot-to-live time of 20 seconds. Cube includes a series of professional features such as adaptive streaming, closed-captioning, and both HDMI and SDI inputs.

Capable of both local and remote streaming.

Teradek CoreTV Streaming

Cloud based multi-destination streaming platform (Remote)


  • Point to Point streaming solution

  • Compact H.264 SD Encoder

  • Composite BNC Input; Ethernet Output

  • Line or Mic-In Audio Support

  • Embeds Independent Audio

Serv Pro

  • Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Solution

  • Use Free iOS App to Monitor Video on Up to 10 iPhones/iPads

  • Share feeds with viewers on- and off-set

  • Up to 1080p Resolution

  • Only 2-Frame Latency


  • Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac WiFi

  • 1000ft range

  • High Throughput with Quad Core Processor

  • Rugged and Flexible Mounting Options (Gold Mount, V-Mount)

Lentequip Crewview

All in one streaming solution (Remote)

Lentequip's compact system can transmit up to two HD camera signals via WiFi to up to 20 iPads.


You don’t need a degree in computer sciences or be a video engineer. Individual iPad users join the network and launch the CrewView App. The software will automatically find the base station and display two thumbnails of the camera images. From there, select one or both of the cameras to be displayed on your tablet.


Portrait and landscape orientation on the iPad are supported as well as single image pinch zoom function in revision 2!

Teradek Link

Dual Band Wifi Router (Local)

Link is a ruggedized dual band WiFi router. Designed for use in broadcast and cinema applications, Link offers incredible range, several power options and a chassis suitable for regular abuse in the field and on set. 

With 1000ft of range, Link offers enough WiFi coverage to blanket most medium sized venues. 

Devices like the Serv Pro have a built-in range of 300 ft., meaning iOS devices need to remain close by to monitor the shot. With Link, ranges on all of your on-set wireless devices get extended to 1000 ft., giving you maximum mobility to capture that perfect shot.

Multiple Link devices can now be used together to extend the range of your WiFi network (regardless of whether you have Internet or not). This means you can place Links in far off corners of your set and have them blanket the entire area with a quick and reliable WiFi connection.

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