QTake Video Assist

Since it came on the scene in the late 2000s, QTake has become the leader in on-set

replay technology. With countless film shoots under its belt, the developers continue to improve and offer new features.


Nerd Station founder Paul Thompson was in on the proverbial ground floor with QTake, and is one of the most experienced QTake technicians on the planet. Our other operators have followed in Paul's footsteps always bringing new features to set that make things easier for everyone from the Director, the Creative Team, Continuity, Camera and more!


We customize our systems for EVERY JOB. Get in touch and we'll be happy to create a quote for you.


Portable QTake x2 Package


A fully portable 2 camera QTake system packaged neatly to fit inside a rugged and durable Pelican case. With the option to be modified to run on battery power, the Briefcase as we call it, is an excellent portable QTake solution for your production.

We usually send this to set on a cart featuring the full compliment of Audio Talkback, Video Printer, and UPS, but you can also just take the case, plant it on a tabletop, in the passenger seat of a follow vehicle, or on the ground in the woods.


2 Camera Commercial QTake Package


This is our standard 2 Camera QTake package. Shoot any 2 cameras you like, QTake supports multiple camera types in the same project.

  • QTake 2 Camera Operator Cart

  • 2 x 17" OLED Monitor

  • 17" Utility Monitor

  • 2 x 32" Client Monitor

  • Video Printer

  • All cables and necessary additional accessories

  • Samurai Recorder in case you add a 3rd camera


1 Camera Commercial QTake Package


This is our standard 1 Camera QTake package, which comes everything you need for video assist on a commercial. 

  • QTake Operator Cart

  • 17" OLED Monitor

  • 17" Utility Monitor

  • 32" Client Monitor

  • Video Printer

Did you add a second camera at the last minute? This system can to record up to 2 Cameras (extra charge)


QTake x4 Feature Package

$3525/Week for basic cart. Contact us for a quote! 

This is the ultimate QTake package. Up to 4 cameras recording with a single computer. Can be broken down to ride in the back of a car (AC power required). Also available in 1, 2, and 3 camera setups or more than 4. Let us know what you need.

Options include

  • Wireless iPad streaming

  • OLED displays

  • VFX Lineups

  • QTake Cloud Server for specialized collaboration