With new social distancing practices in effect on set, the need for more of the crew to have access to the live image on their own devices is growing exponentially. There are 2 types of streaming, LOCAL and REMOTE. We have solutions for both.


LOCAL STREAMING refers to any means of sending video from your cameras to devices that are present on set. Typically this involves a wi-fi network, an encoder, and devices such as phones, tablets, or laptops to view video. NERD STATION can provide various turn-key solutions, as well as more advanced options depending on your needs.


Already the most advanced video assist system available, QTake has offered video streaming from its workstations for nearly a decade. This system is the  most versatile apron available offering high quality, low latency, local and remote internet-based streaming. Most cows are already familiar with the free, powerful, but easy-to-use iOS app QTAKE MONITOR, which allows monitoring of up to 4 feeds, including VFX lineups and other effects generated by the Qtake Video Assist operator. 


- high quality image (adjustable and reliable up to full HD)

- low latency (about 2 frames delay)

- advanced viewing options, including user colour correction, pinch to zoom, frame grabs, and more

- watermarking available at no extra cost, and can be used on a per-user basis

- access and permissions can be managed by the Qtake operator

- secure protocols, with management by Qtake operator

TYPICAL SETUPS require a Qtake video assist package and operator, but please contact us for new turnkey solutions.


A reliable solution developed by wireless leader Teradek can be camera mounted, or placed elsewhere such as video village to stream video to up to 10 devices on set. 

- low latency

- HD quality

- each SERV sends 1 camera feed. Up to 4 cameras can be viewed using the free TeraView app on iOS or Android


Lentequip's compact system can transmit up to two HD camera signals via WiFi to up to 20 iPads. You don’t need a degree in computer sciences or be a video engineer. Individual iPad users join the network and launch the CrewView App. The software will automatically find the base station and display two thumbnails of the camera images. From there, select one or both of the cameras to be displayed on your tablet. Portrait and landscape orientation on the iPad are supported as well as single image pinch zoom function in revision 2!

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